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Travel Polaroids


Entry Period: 14 Feb – 14 Apr 2022

With the current travel restrictions, it has become harder to explore all the exciting places we want to see. So, we invite our students to share their most memorable travel experiences through art!  

Students are strongly encouraged to freely interpret this theme - from places they’ve been, food they’ve tried, memories, or even imaginary places, all ideas are welcome! 

Submission Guidelines:  

  • Each participant is entitled to submit 1 entry only.  

  • Each participant is to submit 1 progress photo along with the final artwork, to show that their entry is their own original work.  

  • Artwork must be the participant’s original idea. 

  • Artwork can be made from any medium, but must be drawn on an A3 sized, landscape-oriented, white piece of drawing block, or acrylic/watercolour/mixed media paper.  

  • Scan in JPG/PNG and send to Hardcopy may be requested should the need arises.

  • Late entries and entries deemed offensive will not be accepted. 

  • Please write the following details on the back of your entry: Participant’s Full Name, School, Date of Birth and Category. 


Winners will be categorized under 3 different age groups:  

  • Kids Category I: ages 7 to 9 

  • Kids Category II: ages 10 to 12 

  • Young Adults Category: ages 13 to 16 


  • Results will be announced in May/Jun 2022 

  • Winning criteria is based on storyline or concept, popularity, creativity, and uniqueness. 

  • Each category will have 3 winners Gold, Silver and Bronze awards - $80, $60, $30 vouchers used for Artlette workshops/weekly classes valid till 30 Sep 2022.

Art Competition: Inspiration
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