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In view of the latest DORSCON update (Orange), we will be taking the following precautionary measures -

1. As all our studios are equipped with water basin, all students are required to wash their hands with soap BEFORE and AFTER class.

2. If you have travelled to China OR with close contact with people coming back from China, please inform us and we will extend the 2 weeks program expiry for affected students.

3. Students SHOULD NOT attend class when they are sick. Teachers will be monitoring very closely on the students during the lesson. If they are coughing, having flu or unwell, teachers will dismiss the student and advise to go home and rest. We will be reminding students not to touch their eyes, nose and mouth during lesson.

4. For dismissal, all parents are advised to be on time and wait for their children OUTSIDE the studio to avoid close contact with one another.

5. Cleaning and disinfecting high risk areas (e.g. counter, tables) is in placed.

Together, we can overcome nCoV if we all play our part diligently. 



All weekly class students are entitled 5% off school holiday workshops by @artlettecolours



Invite your friends and be rewarded!

Step 1: For current Artlette students who enrolled in our weekly classes ('referrer'), follow our Facebook / Instagram @artlettecolours. You can tell your friends and family about us by sharing and tagging your artworks @artlettecolours.

Step 2: Email us your friend's name ('referee') and contact number.

Step 3: Referee enrolls in weekly classes by quoting referrer name during payment. $28 gift voucher will be rewarded to referrer.

New student can now become a referrer and be rewarded too!

Please read:

It is the referrer and referee responsibilities to follow the 3 steps in order to qualify for the referral program.

New student refers to people who has not registered with Artlette before for weekly classes or workshops.

The voucher must be used by referrer in one visit for weekly program only. The voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of referee sign up and cannot be redeemed after the expiry date. The voucher is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

The referral program and the use of vouchers are not valid during the promotion period.



With the new studio, we are confident to spread the love and benefits of art to more people and committed to our vision 'Space for Art enthusiasts'
... learning space to art excellence 
... breathing space to relax & rejuvenate 
... creative space to unlimited imagination
... communal space to social bonding
... joyful space to have FUN! 



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