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Updated 14 April 2023

How do I register for a trial class?

Kindly visit our booking link -

Registration and payment is needed to confirm the trial class. All materials will be provided.

You may also download Artlette App in Apple Store or Google Play. It provides you with the convenience and efficient way to manage your class bookings and stay updated with the latest announcements and promotions.

What is the class setting like?

We strive to provide personal guidance to each student, even in classes with mixed age groups and programs. Our studio guideline is to have one teacher for every six students, ensuring that each student receives individual attention and instruction.

We understand that students may have different skill levels, interests, and learning styles, and we adapt our teaching approach accordingly to ensure that every student receives the attention and guidance they need to progress in their artistic journey.

Small class sizes allow for better interaction between students and teachers, fostering a conducive learning environment where students can freely express their creativity, ask questions, and receive feedback on their artwork. Our goal is to ensure that each student feels supported, encouraged, and inspired to explore their artistic potential to the fullest.

Can I stay in the class with my child?

All our classes are drop off class, non-accompanied by parents so as to ensure all students stay focused and receive the best learning experience during the classes. 

For children who are between 3.5-5 years old, we encourage them to enrol in a trial class to assess their suitability for our program. This allows us to ensure that the child is ready for the class in terms of their age, maturity and ability to follow instructions.

You may also sign up for our hobbyist program where the start and end time is the same as your child, making it a convenient option for parents who wish to make the most of their time while waiting for their child's class to end.

Did my child draw/paint all by himself/herself? 

Our objective is to teach, guide and inspire students during the course of their art lessons. Drawing, colouring and painting are fully done by the students. 

There may be instances where teachers need to provide guidance by demonstrating painting techniques, showing proportions of objects or correcting mistakes. In such cases, we may need to demonstrate on the student's artwork to provide guidance effectively.

We also use dotted techniques to assist preschoolers to draw the correct shapes and proportion of the objects. We do not touch up students' artwork just to beautify or assist in the completion.

If you have any queries on your child's artwork, we encourage you to approach the teachers after the class and we are happy to provide feedback and answer any questions you have.

Why is my child not able to reproduce the same level of artworks at home?

Our students are taught step-by-step instructions on drawing and painting techniques. Our teachers provide guidance and reminders during the class to ensure students understand the instructions and can apply them effectively. We also assist students in handling materials and provide insights on colour choices to inspire their creativity.

We understand that not all young students may be able to replicate the same standard of artwork independently at home. However, we strongly encourage students to remember the learning objectives for each lesson and practise their skills outside of class as repetition and practice are important for the development of artistic skills.

Through time and practice, they will gain confidence to express themselves and create artworks based on the extensive themes and technical skills they received in the class.

How many lessons are needed to complete an artwork?

It is important to note that the number of artworks completed may vary based on the individual student's ability and the complexity of the artwork. 

We are committed to provide students with a strong foundation in art through a focus on the learning process. Each lesson is designed with specific learning objectives, encompassing both the application and techniques aspects which will serve as a solid foundation for their artistic development. 

We also emphasise the importance of enjoyment and self-expression in the learning process. Learning art takes time and requires practice and exploration to develop creativity. We strive to create a supportive and nurturing environment where students can learn, experiment, and grow as artists. Therefore, learning on undue pressure will not be beneficial for the students in the long run.

If you wish to understand more on your child's progress, please feel free to approach the teachers after the class.

If I miss my weekly lesson, how do I schedule my make-up class?

Each weekly program has an expiry date. All sessions must be used before expiry and unused sessions will be forfeited.

Each student is eligible for a make-up class by providing notice of withdrawal at least 3 hours before the scheduled class via Artlette App. Otherwise, the session will be automatically consumed.

Student who miss a class are encouraged to schedule a make-up class so that his/her progress will be uninterrupted. Make up classes are available for booking 15 hours prior to the commencement of the classes using Artlette App and are subjected to availability.

I would like to take a break. Do I still need to pay registration and material fee when I rejoin?

If you wish to take a break and are able to restart within three (3) months, you can renew the program and provide us with a later start date to enjoy the waiver of material fee. However, the seat cannot be reserved for a specific time-slot.

If Student wishes to re-join within 12 months, the student will only need to pay the materials fee and program fee.

If Student wishes to re-join after 12 months, the student will be considered as a new student and registration fee is applicable in addition to the materials fee and program fee.

When do I need to renew the program fees?

You will be notified on the payment of program fee and materials fee (when applicable) and fees have to be paid to confirm your class slot.

In the event that the relevant fees are not fully paid by the last day of the payment period, the slot may be released to another Student and/or disallow the Student from attending any class(s) until due payment is made. Students who are late for payment will be considered as re-joiners and materials fee will be applicable.

We hope to promote graciousness from this approach as compared to holding deposits as many parents/students tend to forget about their deposits or is unable to give the minimum notice of one month.

It is also beneficial to students as advance notice allows us ample time to plan the lessons and scheduling of teachers for the classes.

There is no refund if student early withdraw from the program.

What is material fee?

Material fee includes all the art supplies and stationery used in the studio. This makes it easier for student to attend lessons conveniently without worrying to re-purchase every time you run out of your art supplies.

For kids program, student is required to replenish their bring home set of oil pastels and acrylic paints. Additional materials fee is needed when student is promoted to Hobbyists or Portfolio Management program to access different sets of art supplies.

If you prefer to use your own tools and stationary, you may bring along for the lesson, however material fee still apply.

How do I make payment?

1.  Paynow payment via Artlette App

2.  Paynow to Business UEN 201812697C or Internet banking to DBS account 003-9567316. Please indicate student’s name in remark and send us your payment Transaction Ref. number. A confirmation receipt will be sent upon receiving the payment.​

3. Visit our studio to make payment via NETS or Paynow

How do I confirm my seat for the Workshops?

Please find the list of workshops -

Seats for the workshops are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Upon receiving the invoice, participants are required to make payment within 24 hours to confirm their seat.

The workshop fee is non-refundable, cannot be rescheduled but is transferable if you inform us of your request three days before the workshop. 

What is an Art Jam and how is it different from regular classes?

Art Jam sessions are unguided, relaxed and enjoyable painting sessions focusing on self expression rather than on formal instructions or structured learning. All materials and tools will be provided for you to complete an acrylic/watercolour painting within a day. For participants younger than 13 years, you will need to top up for guided art jam.

If you are looking for personalised teaching and to develop your artistic skills in painting, we recommend that you enrol in our weekly hobbyists program

I have called / messaged, when do I expect a reply?

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we will reply to your queries within the stipulated time.

Studio Opening Hours: Phone calls, WhatsApp messages, and emails will only be replied during our studio opening hours. Our response time during this period may take up to 1-2 days.

Studio Closure Period: During studio closure periods, we will only be responding to emails, and our response time may take up to 2-3 days.

We are closed for all Public holidays and year end break from 24 Dec - 31 Dec each year. 

What else do I need to take note when signing up the weekly classes / workshops?

You may read our Terms and Conditions here.

FAQ: About


Invite your friends and be rewarded!

Step 1: For current Artlette students who enrolled in our weekly classes ('referrer') and completed a full program, follow our Facebook / Instagram @artlettecolours. Create a post about us (e.g. can be your artwork or review) and tag @artlettecolours.

Step 2: Email us your friend's name ('referee') and contact number.

Step 3: Referee enrolls in weekly classes by quoting referrer name during payment. $28 gift voucher will be rewarded to referrer.

New student can now become a referrer and be rewarded too!

Please read:

It is the referrer and referee responsibilities to follow the 3 steps in order to qualify for the referral program.

New student refers to people who has not registered with Artlette before for weekly classes or workshops.

The voucher must be used by referrer in one visit for weekly program only. The voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of referee sign up and cannot be redeemed after the expiry date. The voucher is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

The referral program and the use of vouchers are not valid during the promotion period.

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