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Please click below for our weekly class schedule and calendar of studio closure dates.

Image by Cassidy Kelley
FAQ: Our Policies


What are the benefits of learning art and why choose Artlette?

You may visit our philosophy page. Our teachings emphasise on independence, techniques, creativity and emotional well being. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @artlettecolours to check out our student artworks and studio happenings! =)

How do I register for my trial class?

Please visit and select 'KIDS' or 'HOBBYIST' category. You will be able to select the available date and time for the classes.

What is the class setting like?

A class may be of mixed age group and programs, but personal guidance is given to each student. The teacher to student ratio is capped at 1:6.

Can I stay in the class with my child?

All our classes are drop off class, non-accompanied by parents so as to ensure all students stay focused during the lesson. If your child falls between 4-5 years old, we encourage your child to go for a trial to ensure he/she is suitable for the program.

You can also sign up for our hobbyist program where the start and end time is the same as your child.

Did my child draw/paint all by himself/herself? 

Our objective is to teach, guide and inspire students during the course. Drawing, colouring and painting are fully done by the students. At times, teachers need to show painting techniques, proportion of the objects or demo how to correct mistakes, in such instances, teacher may have to 'touch' the student's painting so as to provide guidance. We also use dotted techniques to assist preschoolers to draw the correct shapes of the objects. We do not touch up students' artwork just to beautify or assist in the completion.

If you have any queries on your child's artwork, you can approach the teachers after the class.

Why is my child not able to draw/paint as well at home?

For the kids program, the students are taught step by step instructions on the drawing and painting. They are reminded and guided by the teachers during the class. We assist in their handling of materials, provide them insights on the choice of colours and inspire their creativity. Not all young students can replicate the same standard of artwork independently at home. However, we strongly encourage the students to remember the learning objectives for each lesson.

Through time and practice, they will gain confidence to express themselves and create artworks based on the extensive themes and technical skills they received in the class.

How many lessons are needed to complete an artwork in the hobbyist / PM class?

We always aim to teach students to gain a strong foundation focusing on the learning process. Each lesson will have its learning objectives in terms of application and techniques aspects. There is no fixed formula to complete a painting but we do set targets for the students based on student's ability and complexity of artwork. Kindly note that it takes time to learn, success through practice and exploration to develop their creativity. Hence, we seek your understanding in being patient on the learning process. 

We also value student's interests and motivation. Therefore, learning on pressure will not be beneficial for them in the long run.

If you wish to understand more on your child's progress, you can approach the teachers after the class.

If I miss my weekly lesson, how do I schedule my make-up class?

Each student is entitled to leave of absence/change in time slot; Flexi-4 days, Full program-2 days, Half program-1 day

Student must provide 24 hours notice in writing for any missed lesson(s), otherwise session will be counted. Please schedule the make-up lesson before program expiry date, otherwise it will be forfeited.

Please visit and indicate "makeup lesson for DD/MM/YY & Time (i.e. your regular class timing)" in the comments before you submit the form.

Make up lesson cannot be changed once booked and if absent, attendance will be counted.

I would like to take a break. Do I still need to pay registration and material fee when I rejoin?

If you wish to take a break and able to restart within three (3) months, you can renew the program and provide us the later start date to enjoy the waiver of material fee. Kindly note that in the event that the class is full, we will contact you to choose another slot. 

If student do not wish to renew the program, student can

 - re-join within six (6) months, student will need to pay the material fee for the new program.

- re-join after six (6) months, student will need to pay the registration and material fee for the new program.

When do I need to pay for the term fees?

You will receive an email when payment is due. Each program must be paid two (2) weeks in advance (i.e. due on the 2nd last session) to confirm your class slot and enjoy waiver of material fee. Otherwise, it will be considered a voluntary withdrawal and the class slot may be released to the next student in the waiting list. The studio reserves the right to refuse attendance if payment has not been received by the due date. Late payment will be considered as rejoined and registration and material fee may apply.

We hope to promote graciousness from this approach as compared to holding deposits as many parents/students tend to forget about their deposits or is unable to give the minimum notice of one month.

It is also beneficial to students as advance notice allows us ample time to plan the lessons and scheduling of teachers for the classes.

There is no refund if student early withdraw from the program.

What is material fee?

Material fee is payable for each new student who joins our regular program. Additional material fee is payable when promoted to Hobbyist or Portfolio Management program.

Material fee includes all the materials, tools and stationary used in the studio. This allows you to attend lessons conveniently and without worrying to re-purchase every time you run out of your art material and tools. You are not allow to bring the materials and tools back for home use.

For new joiners on kids program, a complimentary welcome kit of Faber Castel art bag and oil pastels/acrylic paint is given.

If you prefer to use your own tools and stationary, you may bring along for the lesson, however material fee still apply.

How do I make payment?

1.  Internet banking to DBS account 003-9567316 or PAYNOW to Business UEN 201812697C. Please indicate student name in remark and send us your payment Transaction Ref. number.
2.  Visit our studio to make payment via Cash or NETs

How do I confirm my seat for the Workshops?

As the seats for the workshops are limited, participants will need to make payment within 24 hours after receiving the invoice email to confirm your seat. Kindly note that the ticket to the workshop is not refundable, cannot be rescheduled but transferable (by giving us 1 day notice).

What is an Art Jam and how is it different from regular classes?

Art Jam sessions are unguided but we provide you with all the materials and tools needed to complete your acrylic painting within the a day. For participants younger than 13 years, you will need to top up for guidance. If you are looking for progressive structured learning in painting, you can join our weekly hobbyist classes.

I have called / messaged, when do I expect a reply?

Phone calls/whatsapp and emails will only be replied during studio opening hours. Response may take up to 1-2 days.

For studio closure period, we will only be responding to emails and response may take up to 2-3 days.

What else do I need to take note when signing up the weekly classes?

You may read our Terms and Conditions here -

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